Monday, November 07, 2005

What Happened in Court. Day 3 and 4

Introduction: This is the second entry in the FACTNet Director Wollersheim Collection Trial Blog. It relates to current litigation and collection efforts against the destructive mind control cult Scientology.

Because it is the first time Scientology has lost such important precedent setting litigation brought by a former member and because the verdict was so large, it is of considerable litigation and collection importance to every victim of Scientology’s human rights abuses as well as victims of other cults seeking to use the justice system to punish the abusers and obtain restitution for the harms caused to them.

Since the Wollersheim litigation defeat, Scientology has been secretly paying more out-of-court settlements in larger amounts than ever before in spite of stating in those secret settlement negotiations that the opposing side should take whatever Scientology is offering because - - - after 25 years Wollersheim still hasn’t collected and they guarantee that Wollersheim will never collect…

The Wollersheim case has had tremendous media coverage all over the world because until the crushing defeat by the Wollersheim legal team, Scientology had been known as the single most aggressive and outrageous litigation organization in the world. In fact, it is estimated that Scientology spent about 140 million dollars in litigation and covert operations costs involving just the first 5 cases that Scientology has brought against Wollersheim.

The 6th and current case in the series is a case that at first glance to the uninformed eye would appear to be a simple fee dispute between a lawyer and their client. To those familiar with the underlying 25 years of Wollersheim v. Scientology litigation, this 6th case appears once again only to be thinly veiled new strategy to keep Wollersheim from collecting all of his 8.7 million dollar judgment against them. More importantly, by stopping Wollersheim from collecting, Scientology hopes to publicly discourage its many, many other victims from all over the world from bring justified new lawsuits against it.

This trial blog is designed to help educate, heal and particularly to encourage the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have been harmed by Scientology and other similar cults to use the legal system and the Wollersheim cult and mind control litigation precedents to obtain justice and restitution. This blog is also dedicated to informing the public about Scientology and to counter the media efforts of Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other Hollywood celebrities who are promoting this extremely dangerous mind control cult and human rights abuser. This blog is being written by Lawrence Wollersheim as a director of FACTNet (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network) because he is both one of the leading experts in the world on Scientology and he is in court each day as a defendant in the action.

If you are in Los Angeles California, you are invited to come to Judge Hess’s courtroom (on the 3rd floor of the LA Superior court on Hill street downtown) to observe what is going on for yourself. If you are new the history of the 25 year Wollersheim litigation conflict and the previous success of the collection efforts, see and search Scientology first at then the internet.

What Happened in Day 3 and 4 of Wollersheim collection trial in LA on Nov 7:

Not a lot happened on day 3 other than trying to finish selecting a jury. But it was slow because we were still dealing with the delays causes by Scientology trying to tamper with the jury over the two previous days (see Blog #1 and the Jury Tampering link to your right to see the judge’s order throwing out one of Scientology’s highest ranking covert operatives and the wife of one of the main leaders of Scientology.)

On Day 4, November 7th. The judge observed the lawyer for the individual bringing the Wollersheim 6 lawsuit against Wollersheim speaking in front of a prospective juror about some media coverage on the current case by the Metropolitan News-Enterprise found at . The judge was shocked at this and implied he was not sure that it was not an intentional effort to taint the juror. Shortly after this Wollersheim’s lawyer Craig Stein of Geflin and Stein told the judge he had not been feeling well for some time and the judge dismissed the prospective jurors early.

I am still very concerned that Scientology has placed one or two of its agents into the prospective jury pool that we are sifting though as it appeared they did in my first trial in Wollersheim 1 in 1986…

I have included part of an email sent to me recently below because it sheds some more light on Scientology’s actions in the courts.

Lawrence Wollersheim
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11/7/2005 7:15 PM