Sunday, November 06, 2005

Special Update on 8.6 Million Dollar Wollersheim Scientology Collection Success and Refund Success Tips for Ex-Scientologists

I (Lawrence Wollersheim) am sorry that I have not briefed the ex-Scientologist community more frequently on the continuing success of my $8.6 million dollar collection efforts with Scientology.

As of this date, I have successfully collected almost 70 million of the 86 million “thin dimes” that David Miscavige, their leader, personally vowed and continues to vow I will never collect.

The success in collecting these 70 million dimes also should bring renewed hope to those of you victimized by Scientology may who wish to get full refunds, out of court settlement payments from Scientology and/or win litigation with them for any and all real harm that they caused you --- even if it has been many, many years since you left.

Firstly, a short update of what is currently going on in my collection case:

As most of you know almost 3 years ago the mind control cult AKA the Church of $cientology of California paid all 86 million “thin dimes” of my judgment into the LA court and quit the Wollersheim case in utter defeat. (The Wollersheim 1 case.)

This pay the money into the court strategy was designed intentionally to punish me by delaying me getting paid personally. Scientology took this action because they publicly maintained that they were afraid that my creditors would come after them and not me, if I was paid directly by them. Which is strange, since every legitimate creditor, attorney of record and legitimate lien holder that filed requests for payment with the court created not one bill problem, or bill conflict, and they were all promptly paid in full shortly after the Scientology 8.6 million in judgment money hit the court.

But, here is where it really gets interesting. I am now at trial again and being sued in Wollersheim lawsuit # 6 by one individual, (a lawyer who turned housewife, whose only designated minor role was limited to para legal type fact checking and document finding during the case for the actual trial attorneys) that claimed to the court, after the money was paid, that she could be due up to $5 million dollars for her work using pay multipliers and quantum merilit arguments, which (surprise surprise) stops me from getting the rest of the money represented by the judgment released from the court.

To put into perspective how ridiculous this 5 million dollars claim is --- it is about 10 times more than any other attorney of record was claiming for approximately the same period. (Attorneys of record are those who actually did the trial and litigation work, not the administrative fact and document checking back office work that she did.)

During the last 3 years this individual has repeatedly used a series of court actions seemingly designed only to increase my legal costs and delay release of the remaining money in the court. This individual resisted all repeated, rational and fair efforts at settlement --- including the final decision of a 3 -day arbitration by her peers at the Los Angeles County Bar Association Fee Dispute Resolution Service.

During this time she has repeatedly used the worst of Scientology litigation tactics: endless appeals, trying to remove the judge, frivolous motions, making the review of her bill statement impossible to decipher, and continually changing the billing significances and calculation methods. (Remember how Hubbard used to laugh about changing the significances of invoices and how he roared about the “unique” Hubbard org invoicing and accounting procedures that would drive the IRS batty until they simply gave up.)

The longer my collection case goes on, the more I see what an informed and reasonable person could believe to be the steaming breath and dirty fingerprints of Scientology’s desperate legal tactics in Wollersheim 6 to use up the rest of the judgment in legal costs and delay me getting it. The same tactics that got Scientology one near $500,000 SLAPP suit fine (including all extra collection fees.) Which they also had to pay. (SLAPP means Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation. These SLAPP lawsuits were designed to prevent wealthy abusers from unfairly using the courts by increasing the opponent’s litigation costs to silencing whistle blowers in the courts. ) Oops, I guess I have now really collected about 75 million thin dimes not just about 70 million mentioned above when you add in the 5 million thin dimes from this SLAPP fine.

I will get to what is new that I have learned to help you get your refunds shortly as well as financial restitution either through out of court settlement or litigation for any legitimate harms Scientology has caused you, but there are just a few more things to update you on…

At the time that the original 8.6 million dollar payment was paid into the court - other than for the victory press releases, I deliberately went inactive and did not get involved in any ongoing Scientology abuse education efforts.

I even turned down several significant cash advance book offers on my Scientology experiences and collection story. I wanted to give Scientology a chance to move on and end their relationship with me. If they had simply stopped interfering in my life and allowed me to move on, I would have done similar regarding them because I have done all the educating and justice work against Scientology that can be expected of anyone.

I also wanted time to rest from years of litigation.

I waited more than 3 years. However now because of their actions in the new Wollersheim 6 case, I am certain that Scientology cannot let go of seeking revenge for their stinging defeat in the Wollersheim 1 case because so many new Scientology victims are using my court victory and collection to get larger and larger out of court settlement financial restitution from Scientology and because more of Scientology’s victims have learned that one of Scientology’s greatest fears is going back to more trial losses like Wollersheim 1.

Because of the above I therefore decided it is time to come out of my rest/retirement stronger than ever. Accordingly, I will likely be filing a new lawsuit(s) during or just after I get the balance of the 18 million additional dimes out or, when the current Wollersheim 6 case moves into the appellate levels. It might even be another SLAPP suit as they are getting very, very sloppy in the pattern and content of their motions. (At least one of their agents is highly likely to roll over on them when Scientology has to leave them hanging and abandon them eventually for their own protection and plausible deniability as they always do when an expendable operative has served their purpose. Also, in Scientology everyone under Miscavige is expendable including investigators, attorneys staff, etc. (As a sidebar: Scientology has a horrible history in litigation against me. In part because someone on their team sooner or later always gets a guilty conscience or defects and who will have some covert opps information to assist my case. This is to say nothing of former and current staff at the law firms that are carrying out Scientology’s current litigation against me who also either finally get personal conscience or want to punish their former employers for some other reason. Already several of their witnesses and covert operatives have come to me to personally apologize and tell me what they did and who was involved. Providence ad grace seems to always provide just what is needed just when they least expect it. )

My collection success against them is perfectly hilarious! Scientology still can’t admit that with a total 75 million thin dimes 7.5 million already paid to me, and the barn door wide open with a whole herd of money-horses long gone and, only a tiny pony left --- that they have overwhelmingly lost the collection battle too. And now, even that little pony is darn close to walking right out of the gate! (In this update I almost had the opportunity to tell you that I had collected the remaining 18 million dimes and they were actually in my account. But, it does look favorable that in a reasonable period of time I will be making that wonderful additional minor collection announcement as well.)

Now for a little bit about my personal quality of life since winning the judgment and enforcing my collection of 75 million dimes so far:

I am currently doing social advocacy and ministerial work full time as well as expanding my spiritual life. (If your curious, go to to see the type of healthy religious organization I am a minister in. While you are there, be sure to check the spiritual and cult safeguards section of this website at by clicking here. )

I am blessed with good health, great friends and relationships, great work opportunities and challenges and a great environment. People who have visited me since collecting the judgment also have fun with a more relaxed and easy going me.

I work a normal 40 plus work week to earn an average salary just like most of you. And, I will be doing this for as long as I can envision because I love the social/spiritual work I do, I do not want to retire and, working helps me meet the normal financial obligations of life and saving for the future. Even though I have received 75 million dimes so far, I still cannot live a life of idle luxury nor do whatever I want personally or financially for the rest of my life --- nor does that even sound to me to be a wise use of a life. A lot of the 75 million dimes when to tax issues and paying the great attorneys who helped break the legal trail of litigation victory and collection success against Scientology.

I never began or directed my court case against Scientology to retire or solely towards the objective to get lots of restitution money as my objective. What I wanted to do in my lawsuit against Scientology was:

  1. legally and publicly punish them for what they did to me and my family,

  2. publicly educate others about the harms they cause to their members by way of the testimony in court and the media coverage of the trial,

  3. have the case precedents and the monetary judgment that I could achieve be a severe enough (and hopefully continual) punishment and deterrent in Scientology’s mind so that they are severely motivated to change the behaviors that caused the harm to me and my family so that it won’t happen to other individuals and families,

  4. break a litigation precedent trail to show others exactly how Scientology’s harassment and outrageous litigation strategies can be defeated and in fact used against them and, that they really are big losers in the court room and should never be feared in the court room or in litigation. And yes, the litigation trail is much easier faster and more certain because of the horrendous legal beating Scientology took in the Wollersheim case --- a legal beating they now have to avoid repeating at all costs. I estimate that over the 25 years of Wollersheim litigation Scientology spent and wasted 140 million dollars to unsuccessfully try to defeat us both in the court room and in covert operations. And,

  5. Assist others to be able to get their lives back together after the Scientology nightmare. Specifically, be able to learn how to heal the psychological and spiritual damage as well as become financially whole again through, refund repayments, out of court settlements and far easier to obtain legal judgments against Scientology.

  6. Find personal healing and justice against them and if everything else came first get just financial restitution for the harms they had caused to my life.

I believed I have achieved 4 of the 5 points above but I need you help with one of them. I did force Scientology to spend an estimated 140 million dollars in and out of court to try to defeat a case that they wound up paying about 70 million dimes on anyway. Add to that an even more insulting 5 million more dimes in a SLAPP fine against them. (The court saw though their harassment and outrageous litigation strategies and wanted to publicly punish them with the largest SLAPP fine in California history.) The one thing I did not achieve fully was to convince Scientology to stop the destructive mind control and other abusive behaviors that harmed me and my family. That is those techniques that gives them the undue influence to strip their targets of all of their cash.

This is where you come in as a former Scientology member who has been legitimately harmed by them. Scientology simply will never change their destructive behavior until the rest of their victims rise up and take all of the profit away from their wrongdoing either through getting their full refunds back, increasing out of court settlements and/or through lawsuit judgments with enforced collections to make up the damage for their lost lives and suffering.

I gladly paid the very high litigation costs on 25 years of litigation with Scientology to break the litigation and collection legal precedents trail for future victims. I have made no secret that most of what I have received to break the trail for every other ex-scientologist for court recovery so far has gone to attorneys and taxes. I still don’t know what I will end up with when I defeat their tactics in the new Wollersheim 6 trial that holds a small portion of the original judgment, other than to know that whatever remains will be humble and I shouldn’t under any circumstances give up my day job.

But, I would do it all again even knowing how difficult it would be and there will be only a smaller financial reward left after all tax, legal costs, personal litigation loans and other obligations have been met from the 25 year battle --- and most importantly because Scientology’s false litigation unbeatable legend has been resoundingly shattered to smithereens!

Even now Scientology still incessantly bluffs and blusters to hide their horrendous Wollersheim legal precedent rich defeat. They will do anything they can to hide the trail-breaking Wollersheim case precedents from you because it makes it far, far easier for you to win and collect and beat them down legally as my team did in the Wollersheim 1 case. They do not want you to know that they know and have secretly decided that no other victim will ever have to go though what I did over 25 years in and out of the courts nor its costs because they absolutely know that they cannot ever take that kind of humiliating, legend destroying, costly, legal, financial and public relations defeat ever again!

They know they and their actions will ALWAYS appear monstrous in front of juries of normal people. They know their perjury committing and cult doctrine delusional executives on the witness stand are just not credible and far more damaging to their own case than any evidence they are trying to dispute from the other side.

Today’s Scientology victims can stand on the shoulders of the hard won Wollersheim court precedents and easily accessible court records and can and do beat the living crap out of Scientology legally in far less time with far less cost and effort and, with the reasonable expectation of even larger court judgments than I received. But Scientology won’t let these kind of cases come though court anymore. Their cult dumb, but they are not insane and they love their money to much to expose their cash to the far greater payouts in jury losses.

Because of my judgment, other victim court judgments against Scientology from around the world plus Scientology’s new eagerness to settle real and damaging potential new court cases before they go to court, I can finally see that eventually Scientology will have to change its harmful behavior because --- each new victim that stands up to Scientology takes a bit more of the financial profit out of their wrong doing. Sooner or later Miscavige will have to change their policies because they love their money more than any ideological or faux spiritual principles.

I have no illusions nor should you. Scientology is mostly immune to bad press. Bad Press alone will not change their behavior as evidenced by the last 30 years of PR so bad they are the great pariah of organizations that claim to be religions if you even think they are a religion. It is only when all of us take all of the profit out of Scientology’s harmful human rights abuses they will finally and fully stop doing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is that simple, but it seems to take EX members years if ever to reach this simple conclusion and that they are the only ones that can make it happen.

So once again, The Wollersheim case has been a trail breaking part of the process to FORCE Scientology through huge monetary penalties toward eventually changing its anti social and destructive behavior. It was worth all that I spent and suffered in winning and collecting the Wollersheim judgment, but this legal foundation and tremendous legal defeat of Scientology needs you and every former victim of Scientology to act now to complete the simple process of taking all profit out of their wrongdoing …and change the organization that has previously refused to change…From this day forward I ask you help in getting this information to every single new person who leaves Scientology and to every person who has left Scientology since it was created--- Which is almost everyone they ever recruited but somehow they shuddered into silence.

On another note about my life since my judgment, I have decided to release a book on my Scientology experience. The purpose of the book is to help individuals who have been victimized everywhere and in any way, find healing, transformation and the power within themselves to successfully use education, social advocacy and the power of the law to stop the victimizer from victimizing others.

I have chosen the route of a humble advance book payment and a guaranteed national publicity tour. I am so far along in the writing process that any of the multiple drafts that I keep in safe places could be edited by any good editor and the final edition released to the public without any additional input from me…

Most tragically my son died recently and it was a powerful life changing loss for me. At the time of his death I re-realized how important the cult child abuse and mind control education work is that I do as a director This was re-realized because of remembering how he had suffered from what Scientology did to him, his mom and dad and our family.

I think it would be very reasonable to expect that my several years of rest and successful collection efforts have well prepared me to be much more effective in that role too. But you will be the judge of that over the next few years.

I am expecting that Scientology will soon begin another round of public character assignation against me via the courtroom in the existing action to again try sooth the biting pain of the crushing Wollersheim collection success. Their covert operations against me have never stopped, but all of this becomes just more content for my anticipated future litigation them..

I do not fear Scientology. This is because fear is everything that they are about and it is what they want you to feel towards them to make themselves feel falsely powerful. They are not powerful in the real and deepest meanings of that word.

I have got more from the process of enforcing justice on Scientology and defeating them over the last 25 years than I could have ever gotten from just a large money payment like the 8 million they offered me in an out of court settlement.

I will continue to do just fine in all the real and most important inner things of life even if I never do collect another thin dime. But, I do suspect that I will collect the remaining small fraction of the judgment just have I have sworn to collect and HAVE collected all the rest…

Now, more news that may mean many of you will soon get full refunds and/or settlement payments from Scientology for any legitimate harms Scientology caused you even if it has been years since you left:

  1. Scientology is paying more out of court settlements than ever before. I estimate from all the sources who have confided in me over the last 25 years they have paid out well over 150 million dollars (or 1,500 million thin dimes in Miscavige vow terminology) in out of court settlements.

  2. Things really have drastically changed since the Wollersheim legal victory and my enforced successful collection. The difficult first case against Scientology litigation TACTICS has been broken. There is a successful litigation path and the path is now wide open. The first victim of theirs has won in the courts and already has a huge collection.

  3. They now know that they have to pay new refunds requests fast or end up in even worse litigation, but few ex-members persist and demand their refunds optimally as described below. (They are stopped by intentionally implanted Scientology induced phobias that tell you in one way or another that if you attack or sue Scientology you will get sick, want to kill yourself or fall apart. (Hubbard did this phobia implanting intentionally so he intimidate both staff and members and then could run away with your cash after harming you. This is because he believed that you would be too mentally debilitated and disempowered by the fear phobias to fight back and get justice. Sick, slick trick! These implanted Scientology phobias are just mental garbage and are easily realized as a mean and twisted strategy to ruthlessly disempower and silence you…)

  4. Here is more good news! Even though Scientology still tries to twist and deny my successful collection with those who were not aware of how severely they have been beaten down by it and the Wollersheim litigation precedents, in their current settlement negations, they are deathly afraid of going back into court on legitimate abuse cases that will only add to their litigation costs and payouts, their bad Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other celebrity PR and, their promotion problems.

    In other words, they will pay in spite of their current #1 favorite and false settlement negotiations intimidation tactic and claim that, “they know and guarantee that Wollersheim will never get anything after his years of litigation and collection efforts so you better take this amount we are offering you.”

    Those that know the truth regarding the absurdity of this issue and have good attorneys - such as Dan Leipold and Ford Greene of California - are getting high dollar out of court settlements. Those that don’t ---get lesser or no settlements. It is not the old days anymore!

  5. Scientology’s threats of making any collection impossible even if you do win in court are also just as hollow. This is due to methodical and persistent collection attorneys such as Craig Stein, who is hot on the trail of the small remainder of the rest of my thin dimes.

  6. There is even more good news for you getting your just financial restitution even if it has been years since you have been in Scientology --- the fraud exemption!

Depending upon what state you are in, you have 3 to 5 years to bring your suit from the point you actually discover that a fraud has been perpetrated on you. (Consult your local state laws.)

For those of you seeking refunds for all your service payments that you were defrauded on, I suggest you keep it simple. You have a policy refund right to get every thin dime of what you paid to Scientology no MATTER HOW MANY YEARS AGO IT WAS.

Here is the exact refund success process I recommend:

  1. Send a SIMPLE several paragraph written demand to your local Scientology center(s) the one or ones where you received your services. Demand that all your service payments are refunded back to you within 30 days. State in the demand that they are required to honor the refund policy and that David Miscavige - as head of Scientology - will be held personally, legally responsible for it if you do not get your payment in 30 days. Tell them after 30 days if you do not get your payment you are going to sue David Miscavige personally and Scientology and, you are giving a copy of this demand letter to the IRS enforcement division because Scientology and David Miscavige are not following the procedures and policies they claimed to use in their applications for 501c3 religious non profit status.

  2. If you do not get paid in 30 days, immediately file a copy of your demand letter to the Enforcement division of the IRS with a cover letter stating David Miscavige as head of Scientology (and the highest ranking person who was responsible for Scientology’s 501c3 non profit status application) is violating the statements and terms of Scientology’s IRS application in which they were granted a religious non profit tax exemption.

  3. Next, and ideally, find a Scientology battle-hardened lawyer who knows Scientology’s bluffing and negotiation tactics and file your refund and other claims suit through them. If your attorney agrees it is appropriate, be sure to name David Miscavige personally in any suit as he is head of all operations and is personally and corporately responsible for the actions of all of the Scientology corporations he has de facto absolute control over. Do not falter, hesitate or delay. Do not re-ask Scientology to pay you. If you do not file suit as you say, when you say, Scientology will not treat your demand as credible and will look at you as weak. And, if David Miscavige’s name is on it, they will take you seriously! --- Because they are forced by their own internal policy to take the suit seriously and it is OSA policy to protect Miscavige like he was Hubbard.

  4. Next, start calling all the local media you can and tell them your human rights abuse story. Be sure to Use David Miscavige’s name as the individual most personally responsible for enforcing the policies of Scientology and this injustice. Where ever you can, mention Tom Cruise John Travolta and any other Scientology Celebrities who are promoting Scientology and causing more people to be harmed as you were. (You might even want to name them in your suit as well, if your attorney agrees it is appropriate.) Also ask the local media to go with you to the Scientology center if they have a fraud exposing unit. Keep on getting Scientology more media coverage on the harm and injustice they have done to you always mentioning the names above. (Remember you first asked them nicely to follow their own refund policy and they refused! You now have the right and moral and ethical obligation to enforce justice in the manner above through the law to take all the profit out of their wrongdoing. Also, keep in mind that they are fanatics. Anything less that your total commitment and total persistence to executing the exact success process above will not even get their attention much less your refund!

  5. Make sure every new ex scientologist gets this email and make sure every old ex-scientologist hears about it too. That is the absolute least you can do to do your fair part to help take the profit out of Scientology’s wrongdoing.

I want to add that legitimately suing for justice when needed is also a great healing process. I can whole heartedly confirm that from my own healing experience.

Ex-Scientologists who were deceived and victimized who just go off and let Scientology get away it by not educating, getting their money back and/or even better filing suit, in my experience, just do not heal as fast and often not ever fully. Worse yet they allow the Scientology’s horrendous abuse of its members to continue by not doing their just part to punish it and take the financial profit out of it….

If you are ever in a settlement negotiation with Scientology and they try to intimidate you with intentional delays or their Wollersheim victory fantasies, look them square in the eye and tell them I say hi and that you got my 75 million dimes collection update email.

Finally, and it bears repeating, the rewards that I have received - on every level of my life - have been more than worth everything that I have gone through over the 25 years in winning the court case and collecting.

I and the Wollersheim 1 team have done our parts in breaking the legal trail and successfully collecting 75 million dimes and demolishing the false self created and self serving legend that Scientology is undefeatable. And so I personally ask you to please immediately begin actively forward this collection success and refund tips update to everyone in your ex-Scientology member networks. Make sure each new ex-scientologists you hear of gets one too. They truly deserve to know about the new refund recovery and settlement options too… and, Scientology deserves to actively and legally have every thin dime of profit removed from them that was based on the harm and abuse of their members and staff!

Wishing you healing, restitution and even better financial recovery and restitution success than I had using the full power of the law. It is just waiting for you to ask for it……

Lawrence Wollersheim
PS For more information on healing on every level from the Scientology’s abuse please see