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Notes from Cult Collection Trial

Introduction: This is the first entry in my Wollersheim Collection Trial blog relating to my nearly completed collection efforts against the destructive mind control cult Scientology. This blog is dedicated to informing the world of Scientology’s real nature and to counter the efforts of Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other Hollywood celebrities who are promoting this dangerous mind control cult. It is also dedicated to help educate, heal and encourage the hundreds of thousands of people who have been harmed by Scientology and other cults all over the world to use the legal system to get justice and restitution. If you are new the history of the 25 year litigation conflict and the previous success of my collection efforts see and the link called Special Update on 8.6 Million Dollar Wollersheim Scientology Collection Success and Refund Success Tips for Ex-Scientologists…

What Happened in Day 1 and 2 of Wollersheim collection trial in LA on Nov 2-3:

As you would expect in any trial involving Scientology and myself it started off with a bang. A senior intelligence operative of Scientology’s OSA division, Ellen Marie Farny (the wife of Lynn R. Farny, one of Scientology’s highest ranking executives), was caught trying to tamper with the jury over a two day period.

After the tampering was discovered the judge had the sheriff’s deputies detain this woman on day two and issued her a court order that she be barred from the courthouse then had her photographed and escorted by several sheriffs out of the court house. The judge was then required to interview each juror and as far as we are in the process this is what various jurors have said:

Hers how it came down according to juror sworn testimony.

1.) This female OSA agent moved from prospective juror group to group in hall outside the court room.
2.) It was she that She spoke first to the Prospective Juror..
3.) She said knew me Lawrence Wollersheim for 20 years and she had an extraordinary amount of information about my litigation history.
4.) She said I had an earlier lawsuit.
5.) She said that neither party in this case should get anything. Then there was a then a discussion by 4-6 prospective jurors that they only way that could happen was a hung jury.
6.) During these jury tampering events she apparently heard one of the prospective jurors talking about an article in a current magazine and then mysteriously about an hour latter just happened to have that magazine to share with that juror.
7.) She did not identify herself when asked as anything but an observer. She said noting about her being in Scientology.

When questioned by the judge, some jurors said they felt she was trying to influence them and she was trying to get their opinions about the case.

This whole discovery of the Scientology jury tampering came about because I sat down next to this high ranking Scientology covert intelligence operative in the hall outside the courtroom to send her a clear signal I will not be intimidated by the previous death threats on me and my family ordered by and with the knowledge of the very highest officials of Scientology (her husband included). While sitting next to her to send my no fear signal, I did not realize that I should not also be sitting near prospective jurors. While sitting there as a temporary diversion from the silence and the obvious weird energy coming from the busted Scientology covert operative, I asked the person on the other side of me only about their Blackberry PDA and how they liked it.

Later when I was being legitimately and properly chastised by the judge for sitting near prospective jurors and asking anything no matter how unrelated it was to the case, one or more of the jurors started talking about some sloppy and overweight woman talking to them about the case. My inadvertent comment to the prospective juror almost as an act of Providence, unearthed Scientology’s criminal and intentional jury tampering scheme.

Later the judge told the jury that what I did was wrong and improper, but he did not tell most of the jurors that all I did was ask about a blackberry. The judge did not clearly tell the jurors that there was an obvious attempt to tamper with the jury by a high ranking intelligence operative of Scientology even after she was identified as such. He then told all of the jurors that the woman attempting the jury tampering is not associated with either party.

Many of the jury in his individual interviews stated that they have formed a negative emotional first impression of me and it will be difficult for them to overcome it. Some jurors said that:

1.) It was I that was intentionally trying to influence the jury by sitting next to and talking to the one prospective juror who unknown to me was an attorney,
2.) I was unethical,
3.) I am trying to throw the case,
4.) I have poor judgment
5.) I am dumb,
6.) My actions indicate bad character that wont change

Only one Juror seemed to understand that the Scientology Intel officer was trying to influence them and they walked away.

It is my firm belief that there currently is a serious prejudicial imbalance and bias towards me and to my case and a serious contamination of the jury by Scientology’s actions. I do not believe it is possible to get a fair trial with this biased and contaminated juror pool. We asked for a new jury pool. We asked for a mistrial. The judge denied everything.

In testimony it came out that Prospective Jurors have been talking about these events among themselves including discussing the sheriffs escorting the Scientology operative who had been talking to some of them out of the courthouse. The judge told the jury pool to stop doing this.
Today we are going to ask for the 20 plus additional prospective jurors to be individually interviewed because of further juror contamination of the alternate juror pools being discovered in testimony at the very end of the day.

We expect Scientology attorneys to appear today to create a PR cover story like “she was just an observer her first amendment rights are being violated” for the intelligence operative wife of one of Scientology’s highest executives. This would be intended to direct attention away from the attempted criminal jury tampering by Scientology.

When this operative was brought before the judge by the sheriffs she was told she did not need to say anything on the record and could get an attorney, but instead when asked by the judge if she had talked to any of the prospective jurors about anything relating to the case, she put on her most sincere face and then lied though her teeth to the judge and told him she never said anything to any of the jurors about the case. She did not know that the judge had just finished about 4 hours of under oath questioning of 14 jurors of whom about 6-7 independently and separately confirmed what she had said and done with each of them.

When this operative was escorted out of the court the attorney for the other side starts a vigorous defense of this Scientology covert operative saying that it was all an innocent mistake and she was sorry for it and it was not a big deal. His client knew she was a high ranking Scientology intel operative and fully knows the dirty tricks that they do. It would be unreasonable to believe her attorney was not advised who she was. Not only did he defend her/Scientology at this occurrence he made several other very odd defenses of the positive character of Scientology.

I do believe the judge is an honest and fair man trying to do his best. Like anyone new to the horrors of scientology and coming to grips with the fact that Scientology runs a CIA like intelligence division with a covert operations budget greater than many small countries around the world, it is going to take him a while to come up to speed and get it.

I sincerely do not believe the judge yet fully understands that Scientology is here in full covert opps force to sabotage his court, deadlock or influence the jury and stop me from collecting the last of my judgment --- all because they fear hundreds of millions of dollars in new lawsuits from Scientology victims all over the world when they hear that every thin dime of the 87 million this dimes they were ordered to pay me was paid.

Sooner or later I believe he will see enough evidence to set drastically higher security surrounding the trial and consult with those in the LA court house who did the original Wollersheim so that he is more realistically prepared for evidence tampering, threats and bribes to jurors and the one or two covert Scientology agents who already have most likely made it into his prospective jury pool to carry out the goals of Scientology in this case.

Sooner or later he will get that there is a third party active in multiple intelligence operations on this case and his court. (Scientology never does any intel operation with just one operative. They always use 3 or more. They don’t even trust the reports of their own people and use multiple report verification methods and they always have backup for the covert operative like Lynn Farney”s wife who get caught or have their cover blown.)

More in my next trial update blog when I can get it done. I will not be able to answer individual email during the trial. Any help getting this distributed around the Internet will be deeply appreciated.

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11/4/2005 8:55:06 AM