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An email from former Scientologist

From: "Magoo"
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Subject: My Actions in the Wallersheim Trial
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 23:21:41 -0800
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I was in Scientology when someone I knew, Larry Wallersheim,sued the Church of Scientology, in the mid-80's here in LA. At the time I was seriously "In", a member, and what I now call a "True believer". I totally believed Scientology was the greatest, and anyone attacking it had to be an evil, bad person.

We were all told to go down to the courthouse, the day the trial began. Lined in the LA courthouse were hundreds of Scientologists out in the hall. I was told the only people who would be allowed into the courtroom were "OT 7's". (At the time I was an OT 3, and that is a long way from an OT 7, in their world). Mainly they wanted OT 7's in there in case anything 'confidential' came up, it wouldn't be new to them. Also, Scientologists believed these OT 7's could actually influence the courtroom, which turned out to be totally false.

Ok, so being me, I wanted to get into the courtroom, just to see first hand. I wasn't willing to stand outside in the halls, or parade outside chanting "Not one thin dime for Wall er sheim", as many did. So I asked my friend, Bill Yaude, and he said he'd help get me in the first day, which he did.

Once in, I knew my days were numbered as I wasn't an OT 7, which would soon be noticed. With that, I figured I'd better do something worthwhile, so I began to create my 'post'.
What did I do?

I basically labeled each juror, by number. Whenever a question was asked, I'd jot down who was pro and who was against, or any other thing that occurred, including what the Judge was doing or how he looked. I did this all throughout the first day, and then walked out at the end.
Immediately some people from OSA came up to me and said, "We are from "Invest" (investigations) and we need to see your notes". I said, "Sure" and handed them to these men.

The next day I was told, "We need you in there to continue doing what you're doing". Bingo...I thought. So I did just that, and it was interesting to note what went on, day to day. Some jurors were playing tick tack toe during some boring points. The Judge more than once fell asleep. It seemed like many were against Wallersheim, but that turned out to not be true. So much for the Invest actions.

I've told Larry personally that I was sorry for being against him, and he has totally understood where I was coming from. Last year he came to a party at my home, and we all enjoyed his interesting stories. Larry never was dull.

Scientology is famous for manipulating courtrooms, and I can attest that I am sorry to say I was one of their members who spent quite a bit of time trying to help them manipulate various court cases.

I was also in the Mayo RICO trial. Not that I did anything, but I was one of the 7 or 8 who were invited to be in the courtroom. That was one fascinating case...........and I still will never forget the detail Scientology had gone through to nail David Mayo. Truly, it blew my mind that they would do the things they did.

Of course Scientology claimed they 'won'. The truth, I found out many years later after I left Scientology forever, was that they paid off David Mayo, big bucks. Who knew?
I'm not sure why this came to mind, but I thought I'd mention it.Just one more piece of the Magoo Puzzle. I figure I'll never know exactly what things will help who, but the truth is better spoken than not.

-- Tory/Magoo
~Dancing in the moonlight
~In Scientology for 30 years,
out happily for 5 years!
For thinking and speaking my mind, I am:
Declared SP and Expelled from C of S (Woo hoo!)
(SP 6 ^ with Cumulative Cluster)
Free at LAST!

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